Working and Succeeding Together

Derby can be rightly proud of its long industrial history. Today that is maintained not just by large employers such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier and Toyota, but by myriad smaller companies across an enormous range of different sectors. Together they have made Derby a real centre of excellence and given great jobs to generations of local residents.

And it's not just in the very visible industrial jobs that Derby is strong. We also have wide and varied retail options, local craft businesses and growing startups.

But our world is constantly changing, and jobs need to keep up if we're not to be the world's experts in something the world no longer needs. And as with so much of life, Brexit will mean major upheaval. Toyota are already saying future work will only come if Britain maintains open free trade with the EU. Other employers are beginning to quietly suggest that work might have to move to the EU, and some are even beginning to move work.

Whatever the future holds, Derby needs to be ready to adapt to it and thrive at all levels.

We will -

  • Work with Derby businesses to help them grow and provide great jobs and services for our community
  • Work with Derby businesses to provide high quality work experience placements and apprenticeships, and post-training mentoring
  • Provide 'Startup incubators' and co-working hubs that can help build the businesses of the future and enable them grow from the initial idea to larger companies that can stand on their own feet
  • Establish a scheme for local businesses to get involved with schools as governors, mentors and advisors to enable children to see more options for their future
  • Support the development and expansion of specialist work-focused education such as the University Technical College and JCB Academy, providing a different option for those who want it
  • Work with and support Derby' largest employers to reduce job losses into Europe
  • Strengthen cross-sector Derby businesses networks, allowing local businesses to share expertise and more easily find suppliers and customers
  • Encourage Derby City Council to buy from local companies
  • Campaign for the national government to fully replace EU funding for businesses in Derby lost due to Brexit
  • Improve the marketing and range of our local markets in Derby, including specialist and artisan market stalls, providing a wider range of products to local people in their community and more options for businesses starting out to reach new local customers
  • Work with owners of empty shops to encourage short term 'pop up' shops from a range of sources -commercial 'not in Derby' charity, community and voluntary groups, startup businesses
  • Provide business rate incentives to incentivise 'pop up' shops and keep local and city centres busy
  • Campaign for changes from national government to the Business Rates formula that is presently placing an unfair burden on small retail businesses and pubs against Internet retailers and off-licensed retailers.