Transport We Can All Rely On

For our city to work, people need to be able to move around it easily - whether that's by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot.

We all know cities that are worse than Derby - but we also know things could be much better, and make living in and travelling around Derby a smoother, more pleasant experience for everyone.

We will -

  • Institute a review of traffic at major junctions and key routes to get traffic flowing better
  • Evaluate the results of existing 20mph areas and residents' views on them, and work with communities to introduce and extend them where they're wanted
  • Encourage the expansion of the E-Bikes scheme to district centres and other community hubs across the city
  • Work with the Institute of Advanced Motorists and other local and national expert groups to review direction signage around Derby to make it easier for people to get around
  • Work with the emergency services to install transponders on traffic lights across the city to prioritise emergency services vehicles responding to a call
  • Review pedestrian and cyclist crossings to ensure they are working effectively for all users and change timings and phasings where necessary
  • Allow residents in resident-only parking areas to use visitor one-day permits themselves where they have a temporary need such as building work occupying their driveway
  • Welcome residents being able to purchase parking permits online and print at home to save residents and the council time and money
  • Get bus companies and local communities working better together to improve local services
  • Work with bus companies to ensure that major routes across the city have full services well into the evening
  • Increase the number of sheltered bus stops with seats to make buses easier and more pleasant to use in all conditions, and review locations with bus companies and user groups
  • Work to increase the number of standard electric car charging points available across Derby and ensure they are installed sensitively so as not to cause obstructions to other users
  • Help develop electric charging solutions for streets without off-street parking
  • Review the Council's own vehicle fleet and prioritise hybrid and full electric vehicles when purchasing vehicles to reduce running costs and improve air quality
  • Provide more benches and other public seating to make it easier for more people to walk around the city
  • Work with cycling groups to develop a strategy to increase cycling in Derby, improving health and helping traffic flow by taking cars off the road
  • Increase the amount of available cycle parking in the city and district centres, and in popular destinations such as retail parks
  • Work with groups such as Living Streets and major destinations and businesses to improve and promote walking as a transport option across Derby
  • Review major roads and junctions to ensure they have good accessible pedestrian and disabled crossings and aren't just designed for cars
  • Promote car sharing schemes to reduce costs, traffic and parking congestion
  • Campaign for the Midland Mainline electrification programme cancelled by the Conservative government to be restored, allowing smoother, cleaner and greener trains into Derby
  • Task the Council's transport officers with developing and publishing targets for improving walking and cycling and identifying the means to deliver this
  • Review the roads maintenance policy to catch repairs when they are simple and cheaper, before long and costly works are needed.
  • As climate change leads to more intense rainfall, develop a plan to ensure that road drainage is adequate to prevent flooding and is properly maintained