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  • May 28, 2017:
    • 10 Questions Theresa May must answer on the dementia tax

      Under Theresa May's proposals, many would end up paying far more for their care. Families deserve to know now what the Dementia Tax will mean for their homes, finances and relatives. The Liberal Democrats will keep campaigning to scrap the Dementia Tax and ensure no-one has to worry about catastrophic costs to pay for their care.

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  • May 19, 2017:
    • Dr Clare Gerada's letter regarding her concerns about the NHS's future:

      The Liberal Democrats recently distributed a letter signed by Dr Clare Gerada setting out her view on the challenges facing the NHS.

      Clare absolutely stands by those comments however the letter did contain incorrect details regarding Clare's time at the Royal College of General Practitioners. We thank Clare for publicising her concerns about our NHS and apologise for the drafting error. Here is the correct version of Clare's letter:

  • May 18, 2017:
  • May 17, 2017:
    • Tim Farron's 2017 General Election manifesto speech

      A couple of weeks ago, in Kidlington near Oxford, I met a guy called Malcolm. I say met…he came up to me in the street and started shouting at me.

      You might have seen it on the news. Or the internet.

    • Liberal Democrats launch manifesto to change Britain's future

      Today, as the Lib Dem leader, I am immensely proud to launch our 2017 manifesto: Change Britain's Future.

      Over the past few weeks we've been working tirelessly - speaking to the public, analysing costs, fine-tuning our priorities - to bring you a single blueprint for a better Britain.

      This momentous new manifesto sets out our hopes and plans for an open, tolerant and united country. From defending our place in Europe, to protecting universal human rights, to building a greener economy, it encapsulates our positive vision for the future.

      Read the full manifesto

  • May 15, 2017:
    • Labour's NHS pledge is pie in the sky.

      This week Labour pledged an additional £37 billion of NHS funding, which sounds to me, as Shadow Health Secretary, like poorly-thought-out, pie in the sky policy.

      You can't solve the crisis in our NHS and social care services by simply imposing more top-down targets on staff and plucking numbers out of thin air.

  • May 14, 2017:
    • We will honour Britain's commitment to international development

      As part of the coalition, the Lib Dems managed to secure 0.7% of Britain's gross national income for international development. It was one of our final acts in government, and it's one we're most proud of.

      Since then, 0.7% has been a legal requirement, which has prevented the Conservatives and UKIP from stopping these vital funds getting to the world's most vulnerable people.

      Now, in the face of yet more callous opposition from the government, who are attempting to reduce the funding - the Lib Dems are making a stand.

  • May 13, 2017:
    • I've told Britain's property developers: if you won't build houses, the Lib Dems will

      The Conservative government has given developers a carte blanche to play the property market at the expense of our citizens. And now the country's in crisis.

      Not enough homes. Properties sitting empty. Exorbitant prices. The market is closed and exclusive: a fat cats' game. That's not good for people and it's not good for business.

      Today the Lib Dems are laying down the law to developers: unless you build the homes that Britain needs, we will.

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