Making The Most Of What Derby Offers

Derby has a long, proud and varied heritage. We are the and home of Royal Crown Derby and gateway to the Derwent Valley cradle of the Industrial Revolution - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have a wide range of top-class sports teams and facilities, many Campaign for Real Ale-awarded pubs and a wide range of cultural facilities and festivals. Derby can be justly proud and has the potential to become a key destination for visitors.

At present so much of this is failing to reach its true potential though. People can and do live in Derby for years without discovering what could be key attractions, and so often end up travelling elsewhere for attractions that Derby could offer them - or often already provides - with a little more vision and attention.

And what's happening with the Assembly Rooms? Labour want to spend money like it's water on a new building that we simply can't afford following their chaotically overbudget A52 upgrade project. And the Conservatives' refurbishment plan might be cheaper, but it leaves a large bill for a building that, once reopened, will already be near the end of its life. We need a rethink.

We will -

  • Launch a citywide consultation involving different groups and local schools on a 'Plan for Derby entertainment' to develop a locally-driven vision that can deliver the facilities people actually want and will use
  • Work with the new library operators DHA to unpick the chaos that Labour left behind and get a functioning, sustainable library service running across Derby's communities
  • Develop an active 'City centre strategy' so that, as Internet shopping turns city centres increasingly into leisure spaces, there is a comprehensive vision for the city centre as an active, living community space during the day, evening and night offering a blend of shopping, leisure, entertainment, art & theatre and city centre living
  • Ensure that Derby City Centre is welcoming and attractive to visitors and has good basic visitor services like tourist information, signage and accessible toilets
  • Work with local interest groups in areas such as local history, nature and the arts to enable them to grow and share their interests and expertise with a wider audience
  • Conduct a full review of our city's heritage offering to visitors and identify sites such as the city's underground tunnels that could be better presented and promoted as historical tourist attractions
  • Work closely with Derby Museums and Art Gallery, supporting them to develop their offering to our local community
  • Encourage Derby Theatre with its expansion plans to improve our cultural offering
  • Seek to bring in commercial experts to manage all of Derby's publicly-owned performance venues to achieve their full potential and increase the number and range of events offered in Derby and the income from these venues
  • Seek to establish Derby as a regional centre for the arts and entertainment
  • Work with local amateur and community arts groups to better promote their activities and make it easier to enjoy year-round arts programmes of all types, both as a consumer and participant
  • Promote Derby's parks for commercial events such as concerts to help raise money for their upkeep and improvement
  • Work to improve visitors' experience of Derby by bringing together marketing for what Derby can offer, both in services such as accommodation and dining and attractions such as arts and theatre, entertainment, sports, festivals and tourist trails to maximise our local heritage