Homes For All

For Derby to be a successful city, it has to be a place where we actually want to live, and not just the place where we happen to live. And that means we need decent, comfortable and affordable homes that people can build their lives in. But for far too long, across the whole country, this simply hasn't happened. House prices have risen out of all recognition making owning your own home an impossible dream for many. Social housing has become less and less available. Rough sleeping is unacceptably high. And the council's basic services haven't always kept up with needs across the city.

And that's not all. Neighbouring councils are continuing to authorise large developments right on the edge of Derby without services, knowing that Derby will have to provide.

People working hard in Derby shouldn't be having to depend on temporary accommodation and even homeless shelters - but some are. And research shows that children forced to keep moving between short-term homes do worse in school and carry that disadvantage through their lives.

A decent home isn't just a roof over someone's head. It's an opportunity to get a job, for security and peace of mind. It's an opportunity to settle in a community. And it should be available to all households who need it.

We will -

  • Use the council's planning powers to ensure new development matches local needs rather than just maximises developer profits, and which builds sustainable communities with good local facilities
  • Prioritise building more good affordable homes for Derby
  • Seek to increase the stock of available social housing citywide so that everyone can have a good home to live in
  • Work with the private sector to bring long-term empty homes back into use, and where this fails, use 'Empty Dwelling Management Order' powers to acquire such house and bring them back into use
  • Campaign for a change in the law to allow Councils to set their own discount levels for Right to Buy, for categories of council houses to exclude from sale and for proceeds to be kept locally and reinvested in supply
  • Follow the example of Lib Dem councils elsewhere by building new social housing in a way that ensures it stays available as social housing and can't be taken out
  • Promote home energy efficiency and improved insulation to make homes more comfortable, cheaper to run and help combat climate change
  • Invest in Derby's social housing with measures such as increased insulation to reduce energy bills and give tenants more say in their communal areas.
  • Publish information from Derby Homes improvement schemes to help homeowners to make the same improvements to their homes.
  • Allow local home owners to buy in to Derby Homes improvement schemes where possible
  • Work with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service to make sure elderly & vulnerable people get help to reduce the risk of fires in their homes.
  • Campaign for domestic sprinklers to be included in the Building Regulations and for retrofitting in high-risk buildings.
  • Facilitate links between people with spare rooms they wish to let out to lodgers and those needing somewhere to stay
  • Seek to extend recycling to all areas of the city that do not currently have doorstep recycling services
  • Expand the range of materials the Council will accept for recycling
  • Create and publicise local 'garden waste days' where residents with green waste too big for the bin can have it shredded for reuse
  • Investigate developing an additional household waste site on the west of the City to stop residents having to make long cross-city journeys with their waste
  • Work with Severn Trent Water to explore better ways of dealing with food waste using their anaerobic digester facilities to minimise the amount that has to go to landfill
  • Seek to work with Derbyshire's Vital Earth to develop efficient composting of green waste from Derby and make good use of the resulting waste heat