Fitter and Happier

At all stages of our lives, we depend on good health services. And not just our GPs and local hospitals, but 'public health' programmes to help keep people healthy and out of hospitals, and social care services for those who need help in their day-to-day lives.

With an ageing population and squeezes to funding from central government, these become ever more important. Demand for social care is constantly rising as the retired population increases. Good public health programmes can keep people fitter and more active for longer, stopping them needing to go into hospital as early or as often.

And by managing social care effectively, pressures on the NHS can be further reduced by minimising 'bed blocking' where patients have to stay in hospital after their treatment is finished because there isn't appropriate social care provision available.

We will -

  • Manage council care facilities to support the NHS with discharge of patients & prevent 'bed blocking'
  • Work to co-ordinate council social care provision with the local NHS to provide a more effective service for residents
  • Work with local GPs to make them more accessible, encouraging phone and Skype appointments where practical to improve patient services
  • Where research shows it is effective, we will campaign to encourage self-referral of patient for some specialities such as physiotherapy to reduce GP workloads
  • Campaign for changes to the rules on prescription charge exemptions to ensure they are fair to all patients, including those with long-term conditions and disabilities
  • Institute a 'Fitness Through Fun' programme to provide exercise and leisure activities for all abilities and ages, encouraging better health and better community links
  • Prioritise the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in partnership with local schools to ensure that children and teenagers experiencing stress and other mental health problems can get the expert support they need and minimise the disruption to their lives