Communities To Be Proud Of

The Derby we see now wasn't born as a city, but as a series of smaller communities that grew and came together. Derby's communities continue to have their own distinctive local identities. People aren't just proud to come from Derby - they're proud residents of Normanton, Littleover, Mackworth, Alvaston and so many other communities. And in our varied communities, we are stronger.

But people also see the problems in their communities. A shortage of affordable housing. Rampant fly tipping. Traffic congestion and some of the worst air quality in Britain. Local amenities like parks slowly decaying.

A strong, happy community committed to working together can improve the quality of life for everyone in and around it. A community that sees things falling apart can so easily drift apart.

We will -

  • Make Street Pride services more efficient and effective to stop communities falling into disrepair
  • Clear away flytipping and provide decent and accessible waste and recycling facilities to reduce the amount that gets tipped in the first place.
  • Ensure broken street lights and signs are repaired promptly and properly.
  • Repair potholes properly the first time rather than doing a temporary repair and then a proper one later.
  • Make it easier for people to report problems such as pot holes, blocked drains and gullies, broken street lamps and signs, and provide meaningful feedback on the repairs
  • Change the rules to make it easier for local community groups to do jobs like litter picking and cutting back of overgrown verges, rather than tying them up in red tape
  • Work with residents to look after their local trees -and where those trees might be past their best but are still valued by local residents, we'll not just cut them down as other councils have but give residents the option to contribute towards replacing their community's trees
  • Aim for 'Street furniture' such as benches, fences, cycle parking, bollards and lamp posts to have visual appeal - such as the hippo bench in Allenton - as well as being functional
  • Make it easier for local residents to find out when and how community buildings in their area such as school halls, libraries and park pavilions are available for hire, and make them simpler for the community to use
  • Improve language learning opportunities to help all Derby communities build better relationships
  • Work to support diverse, integrated communities from all backgrounds