Change Derby's Future

Liberal Democrats, making the best Derby for now and for the future

We love Derby. It's our home, just like it is for around 250,000 people, and there's so many reasons to love living and working here. But that doesn't mean we think Derby's perfect. Far from it.

All year round, local Liberal Democrats talk to local people and local businesses across Derby. We listen to people's problems, their hopes and dreams. And we work to make things better for people in Derby.

Sometimes that's in the small things. The person who needs help getting their housing association to repair their home, the parent who's having a problem with their child's school, the community that's getting run down because the local area isn't being properly maintained. When we can help people with these things, the results can make an immediate difference to people's lives.

But Derby needs a bigger vision too. Not just the little details, but the big plans that'll make a difference today, next year, in 20 years time. How to realise the potential of Derby and turn our city into something even better for the next generation.

No matter how many of us there are, we can't see everything by ourselves. So we've talked with people from across Derby and asked them what they'd like to see done. To think and dream big.

This vision for Derby is the product of ideas from across Derby - and we're always listening out for new ideas. Some of this the Council can do, and if you elect Liberal Democrats to run Derby City Council we'll be working to put it into place, whether we can do them immediately or whether they'll take a bit longer. But some of our plans require changes at national level. We're not just campaigning for a better Council for Derby but better leadership for our whole country that listens to local communities and can make the most of Derby and other communities nationwide.

If you like the ideas we're offering - we need your help to turn them into reality. Share them with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Come and help us talk to people across Derby to spread the news and to get their ideas too. And vote for us so we can have the chance to put these ideas into practice for you and build the Derby we're offering.

Together, we can make Derby the best city in Britain for us all. Join us to make it happen.


Our Key Pledges to You

A Record of Action

Homes for All

Educating for Life

Fair Treatment for Special Educational Needs

Fitter and Happier

Working and Succeeding Together

Communities To Be Proud Of

Making the Most of What Derby Offers

Sport and Leisure For All

A Cleaner, Greener Derby for Everyone

Caring for Those Who Need Our Help

A City Accessible To All

Transport We Can All Rely On

A Better Deal for Derby

A Council That Listens

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