Caring For Those Who Need Our Help

An ageing population as the post-war 'baby boom' retire. Street homelessness that's still an issue nationwide. An NHS and social care service in crisis with rapidly increasing numbers of hospitals running into deficits.

There is no doubt that the need for some people to be cared for is real and substantial. And it is the mark of a society how it cares for those in the greatest need. The Liberal Democrats are committed to doing all we can to effectively meet that demand.

We will -

  • Work with and support charities and groups that help the homeless
  • Develop more extra care housing across the city
  • Campaign for extra 1p on income tax to save the NHS and social care
  • Increase support for foster care working more supportively with carers to help them support each other with training and mentoring programmes and 'Open days' where possible carers can get a taste of what's involved
  • Aim to recruit more foster carers by publicising the role and opportunities at life-change times such as house moves and children leaving home
  • Take a fair share of child refugees in Derby
  • Work to actively improve Derby as a dementia-friendly city
  • Establish a proactive philosophy in all care contexts to identify risk factors and vulnerable individuals and families early where challenges can be addressed more easily before problems have grown
  • Recruit Local Area Coordinators across the whole city to help people in their own communities and help them stay in their own homes for longer