A Record of Action

Derby Liberal Democrats can achieve the most for Derby by being elected to lead Derby City Council. And when Liberal Democrats were leading Derby City Council, we achieved a lot for Derby.

Liberal Democrats secured the Velodrome as a top-class facility for Derby, supporting facilities for the whole city to use. We completed the inner ring road and made sure it had good walking and cycling facilities. We delivered the new bus station to provide a comfortable, modern facility for bus users. We increased recycling levels far above what Labour let them fall to, saving the council money and helping the environment. We increased provision of residential accommodation for severely autistic children, stopping them having to be sent miles away from family in Derby and saving the council money. We built the acclaimed skate park in Bass' Recreation ground, consulting with young people to give what they actually wanted. We rebuilt the community swimming pool by Gayton School in Littleover. We refurbished the Council House, saving the Council large sums of money in maintenance and renting offices elsewhere.

Every Liberal Democrat councillor elected helps achieve more for Derby. Even without leading the Council, Liberal Democrat councillors have been able to achieve much. We've fought for local residents and got new paths .linking communities, and lower speed limits on residential roads that help make our communities better to live in. We've supported campaigners the council was ignoring, from Castle Nursery School parents to children with special educational needs being let down.

And local Liberal Democrat teams don't just turn up once a year to ask for your vote. We stay in touch with regular newsletters, surveys and surgeries, and our councillors participate in Neighbourhood Forums.

Every vote for a Liberal Democrat councillor gives us more opportunities to deliver these changes to make Derby a better city to live and work in. To be your representatives to the Council, not the Council's representatives to you. To work harder, to listen more, to work with you to make Derby the best it can be.