A Council That Listens

Your Council is elected to serve you. Not just to ask for votes once a year and presume that, because you voted for them that they now know exactly what you want for the next year, but to listen to the needs and cares of people from all over Derby, all year round.

We can't satisfy everyone all at once - but we can ensure the Council has a culture at all levels of listening to and serving us all first and foremost.

We will -

  • Restore a good working relationship with the voluntary sector and work to make sure it is strong and secure
  • Ensure Derby retains successful libraries for all communities
  • Create a culture of openness and accountability in the provision of services
  • End the city council' dysfunctional decision-making culture by removing the cabinet-style of governance that concentrates power and replacing it with the more accountable committee system as previously used
  • Take advantage of the Job Centre being in the Council house to work more closely together and better benefit people
  • Provide vouchers for Council services with Council Tax bills where the taxpayer has been up-to- date with payments for the previous year
  • Look to use shared back-office services and shared working with other local authorities where it can be shown to decrease costs without reducing local services
  • Open a conversation with neighbouring councils about expanding the city' boundaries to match the growing community of Derby rather than the current artificial lines that cut through community ties, potentially creating a unitary authority covering the southern half of Derbyshire that can reflect existing community links
  • Acknowledge the Government report that Derby is an area with a history and risk of electoral fraud and join pilot voter ID programmes where free ID can be available to all eligible voters
  • Reverse changes to planning committee rules that have made it much harder for communities and individuals to have a say in decisions that affect them.
  • Continue with council elections by thirds until Single Transferable Vote is allowed for local elections, as it is in Scotland, to give voters better control over the true mix of their councils