Local MP under fire for failing to back pet theft law

July 13, 2021 8:31 PM


The Conservative MP for Derby North is under fire for voting against a new law to tackle pet theft in Derby.

In a vote on Monday 5th July, local MP Amanda Solloway MP was among 354 Conservatives who blocked efforts to make pet theft a crime in its own right, with stiffer penalties for offenders.

Under the current law, pets are treated as property, with no distinction between a family's beloved dog and a TV. Meanwhile, pet theft is up 250% in the past year as the value of pets has soared during lockdown.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Greg Webb said: "Pets aren't property. They are so much more and the law should reflect that. I know my girls would be heartbroken if they lost their puppy, he's a part of their family not a replaceable toy. The law needs to recognise that the value of a pet isn't its purchase price but its place in the family.

"If we're to protect pets as the parts of families they really are, the law needs to take this seriously. Fines and sentences need to truly recognise the hurt of a family losing their beloved pet and be increased to deter criminals who currently see pet theft as an easy option, and the Conservatives need to ensure our courts have the resources to actually prosecute these crimes."

"I'm shocked that our MP just doesn't get this and voted against making pet theft a specific offence. She and her colleagues must listen to families that have suffered the heartbreak of having a beloved pet taken from them. They would see the devastation and recognise the urgent need to make this a specific offence with tougher sentences to deter criminals from targeting animals that are, for many, a part of the family."

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