Why is it OK to break international law?

October 20, 2020 8:01 PM

Derby Liberal Democrats are joining with their national colleagues to express outrage at the fact that the Internal Markets Bill passed through the House of Commons - and will soon return there after the House of Lords recently amended it, indicating it would undermine the rule of law. This Bill overturns some provisions of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and, on the Tory Government's own admission, breaks international law as it reverses a commitment they signed up to in an international treaty.

Derby Liberal Democrats are therefore encouraging all residents who have a Tory MP to send the following letter to them. This asks them if it is not acceptable to break the law in one manner, then why is it acceptable to agree to the Internal Markets Bill that does exactly the same.

Dear MP name here,

As one of your constituents, I would like your answers to the following 2 questions:

A. At Derby City Council's Full Council meeting on 23rd September your fellow Conservative and Council Cabinet Member for Communities, Neighbourhoods and Streetpride was asked the question "Does the Cabinet member think that it is OK for local residents to break the law by fly-tipping their rubbish, if they can't get a slot at the Raynesway recycling centre"? He replied "fly tipping is unacceptable in any form." Do you agree it is unacceptable to break the law in this way?

B. Is it acceptable for Her Majesty's Government to break international law?

If the answer to B is different to A, why?


Constituent name here.

Derby Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Willoughby who asked the question at Full Council said, "By passing this Bill, this Tory government has sunk both itself and this proud nation to a new low. What has happened to the great British tradition of my word being my bond? Our reputation for fair play is now in tatters. True patriots will oppose this Bill as indeed they have from right across the political spectrum".