Conservative U-turn over exam grades

August 18, 2020 12:02 PM

Following the national uproar about the Government's exam grading algorithm, Gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson had to do a U-turn over the weekend. A levels and GCSEs will now be based on teachers' assessments.

Cllr LindDerby Lib Dem Council Group Spokesperson for Children and Young People Councillor Danielle Lind said " Obviously I welcome this U-turn, but this could, and should have been sorted weeksago. Instead, hundreds of thousands of young people have been forced to deal with uncertainty over their grades and worry about their future.

The government's system was in reality grading young people by postcode. They were creating a system that was inherently unfair to the most disadvantaged young people in the country and they just didn't seem to care."

Because of the Governments slow response, it is already too late for some young people who are being told that the places they wanted to go to at university have already gone!

Councillor Danielle Lind went on to say "The Education secretary Gavin Williamson is now trying to pass the blame for this fiasco on to Ofqual, but this will not wash. Only two days ago the Education secretary said there would be "no U-turn, no change" and not to be out done, Boris Johnson insisted the algorithm used to decide millions of A-level and GCSE grades - which disproportionately hit disadvantaged pupils - was "robust" and "dependable".

After this Gavin Williamson should be sacked and Boris Johnson should give a full apology for the failing of his beleaguered government, but everyone knows that the prime minister will have to ask Dominic Cummings permission first.