Over 78% rise in knife crime in Derbyshire

July 29, 2020 11:00 AM
By Kate Smith Derbyshire Liberal Democrat Police Crime Commissioner candidate

Kate Smith

Derbyshire police are struggling to tackle a further rises in knife crime, says Liberal Democrat Police Crime
Commissioner candidate Kate Smith.

The Liberal Democrats are warning that overstre tched Police in the Derbyshire Force Area are struggling with a surge in knife crime and calling for
extra funding for community Police officers.

According to the most recent ONS figures, the number of offences involving knives or sharp objects has increased in our County to 838 in the year
ending March 2020, a 78.4 % rise since 2015.

Currently, our Constabulary has 1800 Police officers (3.4 % down on 2015), 174 Police Community Support Officers, and 165 Special Constables,
which is 47 fewer than in 2015.

The Lib Dems' Candidate for Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Kate Smith Said "The Chancellor's Summer Statement says that he aims
for savings on public services. So, despite promises of 20,000 more Police for England and Wales by Johnson, it's looking likely that at least some
of those reinforcements won't materialise and even worse, the increases in funding in the last few months are not enough to cover the additional
Police pension contributions Forces now have to make." The Government must give our Police Force the resources it needs to tackle the epidemic of
serious violence".

"I agree with our Home Affairs Spokesperson, Christine Jardine MP, that we need not only proper funding for community policing, but also a public
health approach
to violent crime prevention. Once the immediate Coronavirus crisis is more under control, we urgently need to bring together
Derbyshire's Police, teachers, health professionals, parents, youth workers and social services to prevent young people falling prey to gangs, knives
and the violence they bring."