Helping The Community Beat Covid-19

March 19, 2020 9:47 PM

Ruth SkeltonAs a result of the current unprecedented medical emergency situation, many people in the community are rightly wanting to help other people who are in need of support in practical ways.

A group of organisations have come together to form the new Derby Covid Community Support group. The group is encouraging people to focus on supporting people who live close to them.

If there isn't anyone in your immediate neighbourhood who needs help, then get in touch with Derby Community Action who will match up volunteers with people who need help.

Their contact details are:

Twitter: @DerbyCA

Facebook @CommunityActionDerby


Derby's Lib Dem Leader Councillor Ruth Skelton said, "Most of us have never faced a situation like this in our lifetimes. As local communities we all need to do our bit to help. If we do this, the load on each of us will be lighter. Please do whatever you can to help."