Our Schools And Hospitals Need More Money - Brexit Will Make It Worse

November 30, 2019 10:50 AM
By Greg Webb

Derby North MP Candidate Greg WebbAs we draw closer to the election, more and more politicians are calling for extra spending. And I agree that many of our essential services need more money.

Our NHS is overstretched, with waiting times exploding and people suffering while they wait for treatment. That's why as Lib Dems we'll invest extra in the NHS funded by a 1p rise in income tax.

Our schools are getting less money per pupil, with teachers and families having to cover basic essentials. That's why as Lib Dems we'll recruit 20,000 new teachers, give teachers fair pay rises and end OFSTED.

Our public transport system urgently needs investment to create the service we need to get people out of cars, reduce CO2 emissions and combat the climate emergency. So we'll invest in our railways and our bus networks to increase capacity and hold down fares, and we'll make it easier for people to walk and cycle to get where they need to.

But there's one thing that's hanging over this election that affects every spending promise. Brexit.

Every respected forecaster says Brexit will make us worse off, potentially by even more than the recession 10 years ago. Some even describe it as like 'a country imposing sanctions on itself'.

If we want the country we can be proud of, that can fill these spending needs, we can't afford Brexit.

And it's not just the money. Our population is ageing, and for years we haven't been training enough doctors, nurses or teachers to keep up. We've been bringing in people from overseas to make up the gap - and now thanks to Brexit they're going back, sometimes even being forced out. We didn't have enough staff before, and Brexit makes it worse.

We need more investment in our NHS, our schools, our transport system. But Brexit makes this impossible. Brexit destroys jobs, takes money out of our economy and stops us from making these investments.

As Lib Dems we've publishing great - and fully costed - plans for how to restore our public services, which you can read at libdems.org.uk/plan. The independent IFS described the Labour and Conservative plans as not credible, while the Resolution Foundation showed that Lib Dem policies did the most to support those who were worst off of any part.

But Brexit hangs as a massive cloud over everything. Any Brexit will make us poorer. The first thing any party must do to be able to afford their plans is to stop Brexit.

So remember. Next time a politician says they'll increase spending - ask if they'll stop Brexit. Because if they won't stop Brexit, they can't afford their promises.