News from Around Littleover

April 29, 2019 1:33 PM

Police Action

Derbyshire Police have launched a new website to receive video of traffic incidents. This can include footage from dashcams, cyclecams and mobile phones. See

Manor Kingsway plans

Thank you to everyone who commented to planners about the new park for Manor Kingsway. You might also like to comment on access to the park. At present the only links between phase one ('Princes') and the rest (including the park) will be through 'Princes'. See and The planning reference is 08/18/01304 or email

Yellow lines

Last year local people suggested places where parking was an issue. Improving this was chosen as one of the ward priorities. The consultations are now finished, and the lines should go down in the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone who suggested places and sent in comments.

Climate Emergency

Recent evidence says that carbon dioxide and other climate gas emissions must drop to zero within not much more than 10 years to avoid permanent, destructive climate change. This will require action from everyone. Find 'Derbyshire Climate Coalition on Facebook to get involved.

Voter ID

Derby's local election on 2nd May is a pilot for 'Voter ID'. This means that either an approved photo ID (passport, driving licence, Gold Card) or two forms of non-photo ID will be needed to vote. More information at and on your polling cards.