Getting rid of our waste

March 15, 2019 12:31 PM

Or what is that waste plant on Sinfin Lane?

Most household rubbish used to be simply buried. About 20 years ago this changed. The Government told councils to recycle more and deal with remaining waste now, rather than leave a problem for the future. So back in 2007, Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils agreed a contract for a plant on Sinfin Lane to use new technology to burn the waste cleanly and make electricity too. It would also do extra recycling.

The Councils will pay for the cost of running this New Waste Treatment Facility and other waste services for the next 23 years. In addition, once the plant is signed off as fully working, the Councils each give a payment of £25m. The Facility is now built, but struggling. Its last date for being fully working was last September, and it still isn't. As the plant is not yet working properly the Councils have not handed over their £25millions.

The Councils have agreed to explore ways to rework the contract, maybe even ending the current one. They want to put pressure on the separate construction and operating companies to get the plant working well.

If this isn't successful, the banks who have funded the work so far could seek a different company to try to get the waste plant working. If the banks don't achieve this, then the Councils could end up having to pay for the plant even though it isn't yet fully working.

This is clearly not good news and could cost the Council a great deal.