News from Around Blagreaves

March 7, 2019 12:24 PM

Cllrs Joe Naitta and Ruth Skelton with Danielle Lind witness a sea of mudChurned Up Grass Verges

A few months ago, the Council repaired and reseeded the grass verges at the lower end of Blagreaves Lane. The effort and expense the Council went to has all been in vain. The verges have now been badly churned up AGAIN by cars parking on them.

"We have had a lot of complaints from local people about this," said Danielle Lind. "Council staff have been speaking to residents in that part of Blagreaves Lane."

ID for Voting in May

A reminder that people voting at polling stations in the local elections on 2nd May will need to show 1 form of photo ID or 2 forms of non-photo ID. This is to combat fraud. You can find more information at

Labour Lies Exposed

During 2018 Highways officers investigated the school parking problems around Ridgeway, St Georges, and Gayton schools. Officers re-examined resident's complaints and have again been out to see first hand the parking problems residents have to put up with. This work was carried out over several months. Officers had hoped to identify some "quick win" solutions. Sadly, in their professional opinion that wasn't possible.

Please note that lies have recently been spread by Labour in Blagreaves saying that this cost £10,000. The Council has confirmed that this claim is indeed lies, and that the work cost £2,500. This follows other local fake news stories by Labour against the Liberal Democrats.

Some regular enforcement action has been done to deal with bad driver behaviour. This is expected to continue.