News from Around Littleover

March 4, 2019 12:40 PM

New hospital car park opens

The new car park for hospital staff beyond Aldi is now open. As staff are issued passes and parking habits change hopefully there will be fewer parking problems in other places around the area. Please share any observations with the Focus team. Thanks.

Allan Avenue housing

The Council planners are not happy with the detailed layout of the housing being planned beyond Leslie Close. They are expecting a new plan/layout in the next few weeks. People who have objected before should be told when new plans are received, and there will be new signs displayed on the street.

Crossing Kingsway

The Council is working with the developers to agree the final design of separate pedestrian crossings for Kingsway, close the roundabout into Kingsway Retail Park. They also hope to have a crossing for the new road into the new estate. The road into the retail park is privately owned so this may not get a better crossing.

Hillsway's centre line

The dashed white line down the centre of Hillsway has become very faint. After a suggestion from the Focus team, the Council intends repainting it down the centre of the space available for traffic when cars are parked on the park (west) side. They hope this will help traffic flow better.

Manor Kingsway Open Space

The developers, Kier, have commented on the points raised by local people on their plans for the main open space - but don't want to change anything. The plan is at - do take a look. If you still have concerns send comments to the Council's planning department, quoting DER/08/18/01304, at