EU cost to homes revealed at less than £1 a week

March 1, 2019 12:34 PM

Many tax payers have recently received a statement of how their tax and national insurance payments have been spent. It included a pie chart showing where the money had gone.

After the biggest spends on Welfare, followed by Health, Pensions and Education, there were another ten categories of progressively smaller amounts before the final tiniest slither of spending was on the EU.

In terms of cost, for someone earning even £30,000 a year and paying nearly £6500 in tax and National Insurance, just £45 a year - less than £1 a week - covers all the benefits we get from being part of the EU.

Of course, Brexit isn't just about money. But for some people the dream of more money for the NHS was the priority.

It's now clear that Brexit will cost us more, so there won't be more money to spend. Lib Dems say the best way to give more to the NHS is to pay 1% more in tax.