Labour's Library Cuts 'Under Funded and Over Ambitious'

December 6, 2018 7:27 AM

News has emerged that the previous Labour Council's plans to lay off Library staff and transfer the work to voluntary organisations are running behind time and over budget.

In spite of presenting themselves as the champion of local libraries on the doorstep, Labour were in fact planning to end Council-provided library services in most communities. This included laying off workers. However, their plan has so far proved undeliverable.

Cllr Ruth Skelton said "Critics of Labour's plan for community managed libraries have been proven right. Labour's ex-cabinet member Amo Raju was not up to the job of developing a sensible, realistic plan. His plan was under-funded and over ambitious. It failed to deal properly with issues like data protection and protection of employment rights, despite warnings from UNISON. The timescales were unrealistic too.

"It has now taken six months to try to sort out the mess Labour left behind. Sadly it seems the libraries will still have to close as Council-run services and jobs be lost, but at a cost of £400,000 extra to the Council due to Labour and Cllr Amo Raju's poor planning."