Where was your MP this summer?

October 5, 2018 12:32 PM

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable MP and Derby North Lib Dem spokesperson Barry HollidayChris Williamson spent the summer recess from parliament travelling the country with what he called a 'democracy roadshow'. Your Lib Dem spokesperson, Barry Holliday said:

"Williamson's roadshow is nothing more than a travelling threat to Labour MPs who dare to question Corbyn. Even Labour party members have pointed out to Williamson on social media that fewer than 5% of their own members vote at meetings, how could they justify deselecting MPs on the whim of a handful of Labour party members? It just shows that Corbyn & Williamson's version of democracy is for the few, not the many.

"During the summer I was knocking on doors and speaking to residents in EVERY ward of Derby North. I was listening to their concerns over speeding, crime, education and Brexit. Your Labour MP was running around the country attempting to get rid of the MPs who disagree with his friend Jeremy Corbyn.

"We should demand better from our MPs, they are elected to serve their constituents and local area. If you support me and the Liberal Democrats at the next election that's what you'll get, a hard working MP who's here for you and NOT themselves."