People need the right picture about the EU…

December 6, 2018 12:32 PM
By Cllr Lucy Care

That's a conclusion from recent opinion surveys by Ipsos MORI. Correct information that most people don't know included:

European immigrants paid around £4.7bn more in taxes than they received in welfare benefits and public services in 2016/17.

Other correct information that many people don't know includes:

  • "migration does not impact crime levels".
  • "there is no evidence that migration has reduced the quality of healthcare".
  • "migrants have no or little impact on the overall employment and unemployment outcomes of the UK born workforce".

UK Statistics Authority says the claim that the UK sends £350m a week to the European Union is considered to be "misleading" and a "clear misuse of statistics".

However nearly half the people asked thought immigration has increased house prices, and this is likely. However this is mostly because the UK Government has been poor at planning and building new homes.

Read the report at for more information.