Chancellor’s Budget promise of money to give schools 'little extras’ shows he's out of touch

October 29, 2018 7:42 PM
In today's Budget speech, Conservative chancellor Philip Hammond announced £400m of extra finding for schools 'to buy the little extras they need'. This was slammed as "completely out of touch" by Derby North Lib Dem spokesperson Barry Holliday.
Barry said "I know from my time in teaching that it's not 'little extras' that schools need - it's proper resources to be able to meet pupils' basic needs.
"The Conservatives have cut per-pupil funding savagely. Many schools can no longer afford to offer a full curriculum to their pupils. And here in Derby we've seen the massive problems caused in Special Educational Needs provision by these botched cuts.
"It's madness not to properly fund our children's education. And it's insulting to all the hard-working teachers across the country who are having to deliver this government's impossible cuts to be told that all they need are 'little extras'.
"Philip Hammond and the Conservatives should be ashamed. They need to meet with real teachers and understand the real problems. The Conservatives need to commit to matching the Lib Dems' pledges of £7bn for a properly funded education system, with no cuts in per-pupil funding and help targeted to the greatest need."