Labour's Special Educational Needs Call-In Is Just Game-Playing

October 22, 2018 12:36 PM

News has emerged that Labour are 'calling in' a decision by Derby's Conservative council to cut Special Educational Needs provision in Derby - just as Labour were doing themselves only a few months ago.

Commenting, Danielle Lind said "Labour are trying to treat Derby families as fools.

"Parents know how much damage Labour caused to Special Educational Needs provision in Derby. They cut provision, cut funding and made such a mess of looking after our children that parents were forced to take the Council to court to meet its legal obligations.

"We need proper provision in Derby, not closures - not these closures, and not Labour's previous closures.

"Until Cllr Sarah Russell and Labour recognise the damage that they caused and apologise to local parents, this is no more than game-playing."