Derby MP's actions over Chris Leslie MP are ‘for the few, not the many’

September 11, 2018 1:20 PM
By Barry Holliday

Liberal Democrat campaigner Barry HollidayDerby North Liberal Democrat spokesperson Barry Holliday has hit out at MP Chris Williamson, accusing him of 'trying to subvert democracy through backroom meetings'.

A branch of the Labour Party in Nottingham East passed a vote of no confidence in their Labour MP Chris Leslie. Leslie has been MP for the constituency since 2010 and in the last two general elections has had over 50% of the vote.

"Our MP has been going round encouraging backroom deals to attempt removal of sitting MPs. When an MP is elected with over 70% of the vote like Chris Leslie was in Nottingham East, it's insulting to the electorate to hold factional, closed door meetings to try to get rid of them. It's further proof that the direction of the Labour Party is for the few and not the many.

"It seems to me that a relatively small number of activists are trying to subvert the will of tens of thousands of people in constituencies across the UK - and one of their ringleaders is Chris Williamson. He should feel thoroughly ashamed but I suspect he doesn't. His hard-left instincts have blinded him to rational debate and, indeed, to a sense of basic democracy."

In UK Parliamentary elections people don't technically vote for parties but for candidates who are allied to a party.