Derby North swings to Remain

August 30, 2018 12:26 PM

A recent opinion poll shows that people in Derby North are changing their views on leaving the European Union. In 2016 46% of people voted to remain in the European Union. In a recent poll by Focaldata, 52% of Derby North residents would now support remaining.

Lib Dem Derby North Candidate, Barry Holliday said "There are many reasons why views have changed. These will include the court's conclusion that the Leave campaigns broke the law. Most people also think the Conservatives are dealing badly with brexit. The realities and risks of leaving are also becoming clearer, with food and medicines being stockpiled, staff shortages worsening in the NHS and elsewhere - and the Pound falling against most other currencies forcing prices up.

"Derby North isn't alone. Similar swings have been seen in over 100 seats. And across the country the poll suggests that 53% of people would like to remain in the EU.

"It's therefore not surprising that most people now think that there should be a referendum on any final agreement on leaving."

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