Derby North MP silent on impact of Trump’s steel tariff

June 3, 2018 12:02 PM

President Trump has imposed a whopping 25% tariff on all UK imported steel and 10% on aluminium. Over 32,000 people in the UK are employed in the steel industry, nearly 5% of those jobs are here in the East Midlands.

Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Derby North, Barry Holliday commented:

"President Trump has launched a petty and self-defeating trade war with his tariff on British and European steel. He's acting like a spoilt 2 year old not a world leader.

"With so many jobs here on our doorstep potentially affected by this tariff I'm am truly astonished by the silence on it from our Labour MP. We're talking about an industry worth over £1.6 billion, while the GMB union warned just last month that thousands of UK jobs could be under threat from the Trump tariffs.

"What is our Labour MP saying about it? Nothing, he's too busy tweeting about expelled Labour party members, Momentum meetings and the new Spanish Prime Minister. It beggars belief.

"Local jobs could be on the line, possibly the livelihoods of his constituents and he's more worried by internal party issues and international socialism. Will he join me in condemning Trump's bully-boy tactics?

"I'm calling on President Trump to drop his petty trade war and for our Prime Minister to reassure the employees of the steel industry she will fight to protect their jobs."