Lib Dems: "Conservative plans letting down swimmers"

May 29, 2018 7:02 PM
Joe and Ruth at the pool

Former cabinet member for Sport and Leisure Joe Naitta has today called out the Tories on their "backwards" plans to change Moorways swimming pool to 25m, rather than the 50m length currently planned.

In their sports strategy plan, written when the Liberal Democrats ran Derby City Council, they left plans for a new 50m pool at Moorways - which Labour failed to act on, losing Derby's top swimming facility.

Joe Naitta said "The Conservatives' plans to reduce the pool from 50m to just 25m is doing a disservice to the many successful swimmers and swimming clubs in Derby. It will only serve to delay the reopening of the Moorways pool.Derby has a great swimming heritage and we should keep a competitive standard pool in our City. Anything less is letting down Derby's swimmers.

"The Liberal Democrats will not support any reductions to the size of pool at the new Moorways complex"