Statement on Leadership of Derby City Council

May 16, 2018 12:15 PM

The results of the recent election gave no single party an overall majority on the Council. All parties have been talking to each other to try to find the best way forward.

Our priority as Liberal Democrats is to get Liberal Democrat policies enacted for the benefit of the whole of Derby. Detailed and serious discussions took place with both Labour and the Conservatives. We discussed our respective manifestos to identify areas in which we could agree, and problems where we could not. Of particular importance was restoring accountability to the Council after some years of decisions being made behind closed doors, and fixing the increasing problems that are plaguing special educational needs provision in Derby, both of these were key Liberal Democrat manifesto commitments.

After discussions with both larger parties and careful consideration, the Liberal Democrat councillors have agreed that the Liberal Democrat vision and the policies which Liberal Democrat voters backed can be better delivered at this stage by working with the Conservatives than with Labour in Derby.

An interim arrangement has been reached to give stability to the city until a new committee-based system of governance for the Council can be implemented before the end of 2018. This agreement covers shared priorities for Derby but is not a coalition, and both parties will continue to oppose each other where they feel it is necessary.

We are delighted that our Liberal Democrat colleague Cllr Mike Carr is to become the next Mayor of the City of Derby. He will bring his many years of experience to this role serving all the people of Derby.