Slow Progress for Walkers and Cylists in Littleover and Heatherton

April 13, 2018 12:31 PM

Life can be frustrating…

One of the Council's 2016/17 highways priorities in Littleover was to make improvements for walkers and cyclists in Heatherton. If it were more attractive for people to choose these hopefully it would reduce the traffic on Pastures Hill.

By the end of 2016 the Council had got nowhere. To help, we asked for ideas. It included some suggestions - lowered kerbs, extra seats, better signs. Thank you to those who replied.

There wasn't a lot of money, so some bigger ideas were non-starters. Asking people who were walking or cycling along the routes round the edge of Heatherton showed they often didn't know where they were. Naming the ends of Closes would therefore help people get to a friend's house by foot or cycle.

Still the Council didn't make progress. The project was rolled forward into 2017/18 or we'd lose the money altogether for Littleover. Then the Council suggested improving the route from Carlyle Avenue to Hollowood Avenue, adding some extra money. And do a few signs in Heatherton too. Then the extra money seems to have disappeared -and we're left with the signs.

And now they've gone in, many confusingly label paths, not roads. Cllr Lucy Care has complained and is waiting for a reply from the Council. Signs don't cost a lot of money in the big picture, but if the Council can't even install signs in the right place…!