News from Around Blagreaves

April 12, 2018 12:17 PM

Sunnydale Path

Sunnydale Park woodlands' footpath that has now been upgraded using money from developers. This will make it easier for more people to enjoy the park all year round.

Top of Moorway Lane

After pressure from your local Lib Dem team, the Council have now installed the bollards at the junction of Moorway Lane and Blagreaves Lane. The white lines over three driveways still have to be done.

We continue to monitor the school parking situation there.

Taverners Crescent

After a number of near collisions at the junction of Taverners Crescent and Pavilion Road due to unclear road markings, Cllr Ruth Skelton asked the Council to repaint the lines. These will be done shortly.

Valley Road Pavements

Following your feedback, the broken pavements on Valley Road are scheduled to be resurfaced from Monday 9th April.

Sunnydale Park Hedge

Many thanks to everyone who contacted us asking about the damage to the hedge on Blagreaves Lane by Sunnydale Park following the car crash.

The Council have assured Ruth that new plants are going in to fill all the gaps, some of which were from routine maintenance done while the crash damage was being repaired. The new plants have been chosen to cause less blockage to the path. At the same time, a new 'post and rail' fence will be added to protect the hedge in future.

Do let us know if you spot anything else locally that needs dealing with.