News From Around Littleover

March 22, 2018 12:43 PM

Parking and Crossings are priorities

Littleover's has two highway priorities being agreed for the coming year. One is to introduce more parking restriction to improve traffic flow, for example at the top of Pastures Hill. The second is to study and design at least one extra main road crossing point.

Local councillors will be asked for more information on both of these in the coming months, so please share your thoughts.

Burglaries - update

The police have recently reported that colleagues in Leicestershire have arrested a group of people who were committing burglaries in a similar manner to those in south Littleover after Christmas.

Park path progress

Lib Dem councillors are continuing to press for progress on the widening and extending of the path through Millennium Wood to Oaklands Avenue. Once the route has legal approval works can start on the ground. This may be as soon as this summer.

Work was delayed for months due to Labour councillors wanting Parks money from house-buyers in Heatherton to fund parks improvements even beyond Stenson Road, or to go on buildings not open space.

Planning views?

The Council has launched the consultation on the next stages of Derby's Local Plan. Find the details here.

The government is also consulting on changes to the National Planning Policy Framework. See more at

What's waste?

It costs over twice as much to get rid of black bin waste than blue bin recycling. Lib Dems are therefore keen that everyone has the chance to 'do the right thing' and recycle.

Cllr Mike Carr said "Some streets and flats in the city don't have blue bins - we think everyone should have a local recycling bin. People everywhere will recycle more if they have better information. This is also a priority for Lib Dems."