Speeds on Rykneld Road and Pastures Hill

March 21, 2018 12:26 PM

It's over a year since the speed limit on Rykneld Road from Hillsway to the Hollybrook Pub was reduced to 30mph. Speeds have reduced, but not as far as ideal. The mean average speed is now 31mph. Some of those still speeding have been written to or fined by the police.

Several people have asked about more 30mph signs. The Council is not allowed to put up more 30mph roundel signs as frequent lamp posts alone mean 30.

However they do have a Speed Indicating Device (SID) which shows how fast people are travelling and could be put up for a month or so as a reminder.

The Neighbourhood Board used to have money for things like this, but no more. However we've had promises of some funding, and as soon as the kitty reaches £350 we can put it up outside Littleover School. Any spare money will go towards temporary plastic signs for a new position for the SID.

Meanwhile some people living between the Hollybrook Pub and the city boundary are asking for the speed limit on their part of the road to be reduced too. The junction into Highfields Farm would be a good point for the change, but this is just beyond the city boundary.

Cllr Lucy Care said "I had a meeting about this last year, and am continuing to ask questions. Work will need to be co-ordinated between the City, County and Highways England who look after the A38. The soonest would be in 2019, so there's lots of time to share your views."