After 21 months, what do we know about Brexit?

March 19, 2018 12:34 PM
By Cllr Lucy Care

Twenty-one months ago voters gave their views in an advisory referendum on the European Union. What has happened since?

  1. The value of the pound has fallen, meaning food and many other goods are costing more.
  2. Businesses are making plans - and already moving staff - to other EU countries, meaning jobs in local services are also threatened and government gets less tax.
  3. Rather than there being more money for the NHS, there is less - and staff are harder to recruit. Waiting lists are rising.
  4. It is 20 months after the referendum and nearly 12 months after 'Article 50' divorce process was started by Theresa May, with support from Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May has made little progress in even defining what she wants to achieve.
  5. More and more people are saying Brexit is a mistake, including: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and John Major, big business (the CBI), manufacturing sectors like automotive and aerospace, universities, creative industries, environmental groups, food producers, etc., etc. - and the leaders of almost every other country.

Most people voting for Brexit wanted change, like stopping EU migrants coming here but not working, and stronger border controls. Some wanted more money for the NHS, schools and housing. All these things could already be done by our government while in the EU.

Is it time to call a halt to Brexit - or at least give Parliament and the people a say on the outcome of the negotiations?