News from Around Blagreaves

March 7, 2018 12:30 PM

Blagreaves Library

DHA is an organisation that wants to take on the running of the 10 libraries that Labour don't want the Council to run. It is still in talks with the Council about the terms on which the hand-over could happen. It is reported that DHA want to take on the libraries one at a time. We don't know where Blagreaves Library would be on that time frame.

Rat-Running Continues

The new traffic lights at Blagreaves Lane End have had a number of bad effects. The rat-running in front of the shops is now in both directions. Residents have told Ruth, Joe and Danielle how they have narrowly avoided being hit by these cars, particularly when coming out of shops.

"We have put forward some ideas to the Council for making the shop area much safer for pedestrians," said Cllr Ruth Skelton, "we will keep up the pressure for action on this."

After 8 months of road works plenty of traffic is still avoiding the Lane End junction and using other routes such as Oaklands Ave, Blagreaves Ave, Birchwood Ave, Maple Ave, Sundown Ave, Nevinson Ave and Wellesley Ave. Amazingly Labour is now claiming that everything is working wonderfully at the Lane End. This shows how out of touch Labour is with local people.

Would You Like to Earn £835+ Per Week for a Part Time Job?

This is what Labour's Ranjit Banwait earns per week for being Leader of Derby City Council and a member of Derbyshire Fire Authority. He also works for a bank, so this leaves only a few days per week for Council work.