Labour Increases Council Tax by 6%

February 5, 2018 12:13 PM

At the Council's budget-setting meeting in January, Labour voted to put Council Tax up by 6%. That is double the rate of inflation. Lib Dem councillors including Ruth Skelton and Joe Naitta voted against Labour's budget.

The government allows council to have some of this increase only if it is ring-fenced for adult social care. In Derby this amounts to over £2.6 million. At the budget meeting Cllr Ruth Skelton asked Labour what they were going to spend this money on. She got no answer.

Labour rejected out of hand all amendments to the budget that were put forward by opposition councillors. Labour voted against more money being spent on Special Educational Needs; against money for Neighbourhood Boards to spend; against money to help schools do travel planning; and against money going to support charities that help vulnerable people.

Commenting, Cllr Ruth Skelton said, "Labour has made its choices and it seems employing 11 more senior managers is more important than helping people in need."