Council Criticised by Auditors... Again!

February 14, 2018 12:49 PM

Derby City Council finally has managed to get its 2016/17 accounts signed off months late. Following on from the 2015/16 accounts which were a full a year late.

The Auditors say that, in their opinion, "Derby City Council's framework of governance, risk management and management control is INADEQUATE." They go on to say that actions to correct these issues are not happening fast enough in some cases. They also stated "the continued absence of a corporate risk strategy and risk register lead us to conclude that the Council does not have proper arrangements in place to ensure informed decision making."

For a few years now Labour run Derby City Council has been severely criticised by its External Auditors. In June 2016 the previous External Auditors issued a Public Interest Report, highlighting serious issues that needed dealing with. A year later this had to be followed by written recommendations as not enough progress had been made.

Ajit Atwal said "Our local Labour councillor is chair of the audit and accounts committee. What does he think he's playing at? Year after year, Labour keep getting this wrong and wasting money that could be put to better use. "We need a new council who will take things seriously and not try to ignore criticism."

Derby Council House