Assembly Rooms Fiasco Continues

February 10, 2018 12:57 PM

Labour have rubber-stamped their choice for what should replace the Assembly Rooms after the fire in 2014.

There was an outcry from local groups who have not been consulted about the issue. It seems consultants employed by the Council made their proposals without doing any proper consultation about what local people wanted. Derby's Liberal Democrat councillors "called-in" Labour's decision so it could be scrutinised in more depth.

At the meeting Labour said they would do some more consultation. But their "consultation" we've learned is actually about persuading the public to accept what they've already decided!

Ajit Atwal said, "Labour have spent nearly 4 years coming up with a plan - and still haven't asked what people want. They're offering what they call a music and performance venue, but it doesn't have facilities for touring shows to perform in Derby.

"Labour are wasting time and money ignoring people rather than coming up with a proper plan for Derby."

Ajit Atwal outside the Assembly Rooms