News from Around Littleover

January 2, 2018 12:21 PM

Safe winter walking

If we have ice or snow over the next few weeks, please remember there is no law stopping you from clearing the pavement. Be aware of people and traffic around and be careful of your, and other's, safety. Trees and hedges may hang low with snow, so please take action if any of yours need cutting. Thank you.


Apologies to people impatient for the new 20mph area round the Royal Derby Hospital. The Council says it is taking longer to plan the lining and signing. A date for the works should be available shortly.

Village Road surface

The Council hopes to resurface the uneven road surface outside Birds in Littleover in 2018. The car park between here and the petrol station is owned by the Co-op. Cllr Lucy Care has asked the Co-op if this area can be improved too.

Community Corner

Derby Museums Trust now runs Derby's museums, and financial support from the council is being reduced. To allow the museums to go on educating and entertaining into the future, the Trust is fund-raising. Find out more at

Are you a woman born in the 1950s? Are you aware of the changes to state pension entitlement? Find out more at or find Derbyshire WASPI Group on Facebook