Is Derby Ready for Brexit?

December 27, 2017 1:06 PM

Across Europe forward-looking cities and businesses are discussing how to make the best of Brexit. Major EU cities are inviting UK organisations and businesses to relocate to them. Frankfurt is welcoming banks and Amsterdam is to host the European Medicine Agency. Meanwhile businesses in the UK and elsewhere in the EU are reviewing where to buy goods and services, or assessing where staff will be available.

At the last full Council meeting Cllr Lucy Care asked whether Derby was aware of any studies which might help our city plan for the future. The Labour leader said that none were known and none were being requested.

Lucy said "Change can bring opportunities. People who campaigned to leave the EU talked constantly about how green the grass would be outside. Why aren't we planning now to grab Derby a generous share of that green grass?"

"There are risks as well as opportunities. If the UK is not a member of bodies like EASA (European Air Safety Authority) and EURATOM (for nuclear safety) Rolls-Royce will have problems. There will also be issues in other industries. It now appears that even the Government hasn't considered implications like these for the UK.

Lucy added, "So far the Council is just talking up visits to China. And no one is expecting China to be a quick win. Derby, as well as the UK government, should do more.

"If we fail to plan we plan to fail."