Problems Ahead After Flawed Blagreaves Lane Road Scheme Completed

December 20, 2017 6:16 PM
Cllrs Joe Naitta and Ruth Skelton with Danielle Lind discuss rat running through the car park in front of the shops at the Lane EndThe Labour council's roadworks at the junction of Blagreaves Lane and Stenson Road are now complete - but problems that the Liberal Democrats warned about are only beginning.
Local residents speaking with their local Liberal Democrat councillors have highlighted numerous problems caused by the changes. They include:
  • Car park access by the shops not being able to see the lights, so having to guess when it is safe to pull out
  • An increase in queueing traffic blocking driveways
  • More and more people 'rat running' through unsuitable residential streets to try and avoid congestion from the lights
A Senior Council Officer speaking at one of the previous Blagreaves Forums confirmed that the vehicle capacity on Stenson Road will be reduced by these traffic lights. In other words there will not be a net benefit to the area, and there will probably be an increase in localised air pollution.
And worse, this officer told the neighbourhood forum that the Labour Group had been told that spending the money on this junction was not a highways priority on technical criteria. Other junctions in the city had more need, and haven't had work done because of Labour's insisting on this flawed project. Potentially this means that safety issues elsewhere are being allowed to continue at these junctions and accidents happening that could have been avoided.
Cllr Ruth Skelton said: "The work done at Blagreaves Lane / Stenson Road junction was a political decision by Labour. Highways officers were in effect, forced to do it. Now local residents are facing the problems caused by a badly thought through scheme forced in by Labour councillors trying to make a name for themselves and ignoring advice, not actually help the people of Derby."