Labour ignoring concerns over schools changes

November 23, 2017 7:23 AM

At this week's Council meeting, local campaigner Thomas Bull asked a question to the council Education portfolio holder Cllr Sarah Russell about the council's proposed changes to local schools.

These changes fall heavily on SEN provision at Brackensdale School, which has been running a highly successful SEN provision over the last 20 years. Labour would choose to remove much of this, meaning our city would lose specialist places for autistic children.

Thomas said: "I asked the council how they felt that this proposed change was improving the education standard for these children in our city.

"Did Cllr Russell explain why Labour's plans are better for Derby's children? No. Did she explain how they can even meet the council's own stated objectives? No. Repeating what we already know isn't answering a question, it's dodging admitting that Labour are making a mistake.

"Cllr Russell seems to think she can ignore local people' concerns. I'm pleased she's noticed the Liberal Democrats and me listening to and helping people. I've been humbled by the warm reception I've received from the people of Mackworth and I look forward to continuing to show them the difference Liberal Democrats working all year round can make when we replace this dreadful Labour council."