Conference Season Report

October 13, 2017 12:32 PM
By Cllr Lucy Care

First came the Liberal Democrats. They were bolstered by a 50% increase in the number of MPs at the June General Election. More members attended Conference than ever before. Policy motions, many from party members, were debated and voted upon.

Conference included calls for an 'Exit from Brexit'. Watch Vince Cable's leader's speech at and laugh at the "Vince's Hat" spoof on TV comedy 'W1A' at

Labour's Conference followed, strangely celebrating a win in the General Election while still sitting on the Opposition benches in parliament. The EU was off the formal agenda apparently as too divisive a subject to debate. Perhaps debating it might have brought some clarity. Meanwhile their leader remains at odds with many in his party on the subject…

The Conservatives' Conference opened to a rumour that falling support for them means they have a similar number of members as the growing Liberal Democrats - at just over 100,000. They took corporate sponsorship from sugar producers and Rolls-Royce's competitors (among others) to help bankroll the event. It seems the Conservatives are supporting neither our health nor our economy.