Theatre? Music? Shows? Where’s the space?!

October 19, 2017 12:41 PM

Labour's outline plans for a new performance venue to replace the Assembly Rooms have been criticised as inadequate by theatre and music groups in Derby - and by the Council's cross-party Scrutiny Board.

Despite this, Labour has agreed to spend £500,000 to take the plans forward, saying they'd do more 'consultation' to persuade the public to agree with them.

Liberal Democrat councillors are shocked at this cavalier attitude.

Lib Dem councillor, Lucy Care, said "Sadly we see this arrogance from Labour again and again. Labour's 'need' to deliver the 'pledges' they set themselves risks wasting millions of pounds they don't have. We don't need a new building that does no more than the existing Assembly Rooms.

"We have 'called in' this decision, to give Labour will have a chance to think again and listen to the people of Derby."