Derby Labour Plans For Council To Run Only Five Libraries

October 16, 2017 12:29 PM
Cllrs Joe Naitta and Ruth Skelton at Blagreaves Library

Cllrs Joe Naitta and Ruth Skelton at Blagreaves Library

Local Liberal Democrats are very concerned that the Council's ruling Labour Group are expecting volunteers to run 10 of the city's 15 libraries. The timescale for groups to form and then tell the Council they want to run a library is very tight. Groups also have to put together a detailed plan for how they would run a library.

Labour bosses want to see libraries up and running with volunteers within about 6 months. Labour seem confident that hundreds of people are ready to step forward to run each library. The volunteer numbers so far are not promising for some of the libraries. Blagreaves has the third highest number of volunteers, but people can still volunteer. Get in touch with Cllr Ruth Skelton if you want to volunteer.

Labour have not said what would happen if a library doesn't get enough volunteers. Would such a library close?