New developments around Littleover

August 24, 2017 12:21 PM

Cllr Eric Ashburner at a local bus stopBetter bus stops

The City Council agreed to spend £10,000 to improve bus stops in Littleover, as mentioned in January Focus. Sadly this won't stretch to more bus shelters or Real Time Information.

The Council wants to start work as soon as possible. Councillors have therefore surveyed the existing bus stops, spoken to some bus users, asked the bus companies for comments and checked back to past concerns from local people. As a result, over the next few months there will be some more raised kerbs, tarmac for waiting on and a few perch rails installed.

Housing off Rykneld Road

It is over four years since the City Council gave permission to build housing from Heatherton/Haven Baulk Lane to the city boundary.

It was given subject to various conditions including to reduce the impact of the development on wildlife, on traffic and on the people nearby. Details are still being discussed so the planning approval has not formally been given.

Planning approval usually only lasts three years between it being given and work starting on site. Local councillors are asking whether this application should now go back to committee to ensure conditions don't need updating as things like number of school places, impact on wildlife and transport options may have changed.

Cllr Lucy Care is pleased the cycle path from Kingsway to the Princes estate is open.

Manor Kingsway footpath open

The foot/cycle path from Kingsway to the end of Prince George Drive is now open.

Opening this was added as a condition for developers being allowed to sell homes in phase three of Manor Kingsway after pressure from local councillors.