Derby Labour plans for Council to run only five libraries

August 23, 2017 12:20 PM

Derby Liberal Democrats visiting Mickleover LibraryLiberal Democrats are very concerned at the council's plan to expect volunteers to run ten of the city's 15 libraries. Mickleover Library has become one of the privileged ones to still be run by the council.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition or otherwise campaigned to achieve this.

The council wants to hear from groups or individuals interested in running one of the other ten libraries before the end of August. It requires detailed plans just two months later and wants to have volunteers running libraries before the end of the year. Councillor Lucy Care said "The Labour Cabinet seem confident that hundreds of people are waiting to step forward to run our libraries as volunteers. We are not sure that those people yet exist, nor can be found and trained in just six months."

Councillor Mike Carr added "If volunteer groups aren't found, it is not clear whether libraries will close, or the council will be forced to make other cuts."

If you are interested to help run Blagreaves Library, please get in touch with one of the Focus team.